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happy new year everybody...
hi everyone.....gotta bit of a puzzle here! went into the back garden today and found 2 eggs (hens eggs i believe,the ones i have with bacon :-)) 1 was broken up with yolk splattered (not all of the shell was there)and the other was whole but with a small hole/crack in it. is it possible that another (biggish bird) has decided to drop them for food?.....or another animal?
or was it some silly neighbours/kids playin silly buggers, but then if somebody had thrown them into my back garden why would 1 egg not have been smashed?....and both eggs were near/under a table and parasol! doesnt look possible for the eggs to have landed there if thrown!
very odd i think and just wondered if anyone might have an inkling as to what the answer might be?...i live in bedford town and not in a village or countryside.
many thanks guys



Happy New Year to you, too.

Possibly a squirrel - they do things like that. Or, of course, as you say, 'hooligans on the loose'.

6 Jan, 2013


thanks spritz

6 Jan, 2013


Or a fox either.

6 Jan, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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