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what is the common name of the family of which Daphne is a part?

On plant Daphne pontica



I had to look it up Thymelaeaceae. Not very well known, and will try speaking it.

6 Dec, 2009



6 Dec, 2009


if it is not ,a nymph who metamorphosed in to a laurel tree,as a means of escaping from apollo. ( we have not spent all our lives in the garden ) then it will be ,any of several eurasian shrubs of the genus daphne, often cultivated for their glossy evergreen foliage and clusters of small bell shaped flowers. latin daphne, laurel from the greek, will that do you,

6 Dec, 2009


I new it Poa :-)

6 Dec, 2009


thort you would have been in befor me,

6 Dec, 2009


Common name and Family name are two different things....

Common names are regional and therefore of limited use when, say, discussing the plant on a forum! Daphne is the genus and personally I would also regard it as the common name most people would use. The Family name is Thymelaeaceae (I had to look it up!)

7 Dec, 2009

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