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Updating old stone-dust garden path

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Our stone dust garden path was professionally laid 14 years ago. The ground underneath is pretty much solid rock. We now have weeds that are impossible to keep ahead of (we prefer not to use a herbicide) and so are planning to top up the path with another inch or two of stone dust.
Is this apt to solve our weed problem?
Should we lay weed cloth first or will the stone dust wash off it?
We plan to rent a compactor. Should the stone dust be wet or dry when being compacted?



I don't really know what stone dust is, or how to lay it, sorry, but laying a membrane (I guess that's what a 'weedcloth' is called over there where you are!) will certainly help to keep the weeds down. We have membranes in some areas of the garden and if weeds do grow, they are very easy to pull out.

2 Jun, 2008

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