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dividing and overwintering Dahlia Tubers
I have lifted my Daliha plants and they have a large amount of tubers. They are to big to pot up
What is the best solution please?

On plant Dahlia



Hi, if you type franktf4 into the search box top right then click on search, you will find a brilliant blog about putting dahlias to bed, storing etc. It's really informative. It may be titled 'for muddywelly' if you cant find it get back to me. Hope this helps :-)

28 Nov, 2009


I was going to suggest Franks' blog as well Bornagain, but wasn't sure if 'guest' would be able to do that? I think they will have to join GOY to see it.

28 Nov, 2009


You don't pot up your tubers. Cut the stems back; Dry them off. upside down, then, remove the soil, and store in a frost free place in dry compost or shredded paper. In Feb onwards you can give them gentle heat to promote sprouting and take cuttings....or you can replant the tubers in the ground once the soil has started to warm up.

28 Nov, 2009


Or you can divide the tubers into sections...each with a bit of root and top stem....

28 Nov, 2009


Really it would be better if you became a member:-)

28 Nov, 2009

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