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Some animal ate halfway through the base of one of my plant's stem. It may die. What do I do? It is a pretty young cutting.



You could try 'splinting' it. Use a stick and bind it into place with tape. If the wound isn't too bad, it might work. I've done it with successfully with a clematis that was splitting apart.

29 Dec, 2012


You don't say what sort of plant Mona, I have a young apple tree whose stem was half barked by rabbits. I increased the length of the rabbit guards to protect it (and on the other young trees) and the bark is starting to regrow

29 Dec, 2012


Mine is a climber not a strong tree, Pam.
I don't know what species but I assume it is some kind of a money plant. My neighbour spotted it somewhere and she gifted me one. It was something new to her and to me too.

29 Dec, 2012


Hmm...try little sticks - the sort that hold cotton buds for babies, or cocktail sticks. Bind them in place with tape, and it might survive. Good luck!

30 Dec, 2012


By money plant, do you mean Epipremnum aureum? If so, does it have buds below where it was chewed? If so, feeding it lightly and frequently with liquified fish and sugar will help it to sprout out those buds, and save the plant that way. If there aren't any buds, you will need to cut it off and start it as a cutting again, before it wilts too much.
Spritz, splinting it might help some with growing the basal buds, but if it's the plant that I am thinking of, it doesn't have a cambium, and so it can't heal its stem.

31 Dec, 2012


No, it is not E. aureum and no buds below the chewed area. I guess you are right, Tug. I need to start it again as a cutting.

31 Dec, 2012


Hmm....Well, that's the only vine that I know of that is sometimes called Money Plant. Just out of curiosity, do you know what the botanical name is, Mona?

31 Dec, 2012


What a shame - sorry my suggestion isn't helpful. I still wish you good luck - it's upsetting losing a plant you've nurtured.

31 Dec, 2012


No, I don't, Tug. As I said, my friend gave it to me and she had not seen the plant before either.
It's fine Spritz, I still have the original plant:) Sadly the one my friend kept for herself never grew well so this cutting was for her. I guess she shall have to wait.

31 Dec, 2012


Ah, well. One of the first things we gardeners have to learn to cultivate is patience. : ]

1 Jan, 2013

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