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I bought 2 potted begonias & the stems seem to be rotting & then large branches fall off. I know I have not over watered. Can you help?



Ask Marksbegonias - he's the Begonia expert on this site. You can send him a private message in case he doesn't see your question.

2 Jun, 2008


I live in Nottingham, UK & have bought two tuberous begonias that I've put in my garden. I've never bought tuberous begonias before. I placed the begonias on the side of the garden where they get morning and early afternoon sun last week, and this week they are looking a little brown around the edges. Should they be relocated to a shady location or a basket. They're still adjusting to their new spot, but I don't want to kill my new friends - the begonias. In Canada, where I'm from (Zone 2) begonias were too delicate to be put outside for very long at all so I never purchased any before. Would they prefer a hanging basket & some peat?


12 Jun, 2008

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