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cordyline is floppy and looks like it is dieing



How have you been growing it? You really can't expect us to give any advice when your question is so vague... If it is really floppy and looks like it is dying then ,guess what, it probably is!

20 Nov, 2009


This is typical of a guest question which is so vague.

20 Nov, 2009


Yup I agree Janpled - how the xxxx we are meant to give a reasoned answer to this I do not know!

20 Nov, 2009


I Only answer questions that REALLY deserves an answer..

20 Nov, 2009


Hi Guest, and welcome to GoY :)
Is it just the lower leaves of the cordyline that look "floppy?" If so, just cut them off...
Is the plant well watered, and situated in partial shade? If not, it may be showing signs of stress....too dry, and too hot maybe?

20 Nov, 2009


Whilst it is not easy to answer a question with such limited information, is it really necessary to reply in such a way? Better to remain silent and move on than make someone feel uncomfortable who is asking for help.

Alternatively, we could actually try to be helpful by asking the person questions that would give both sides more of a clue. Not everyone knows what they should be looking for, if they did, they wouldn't be asking for advice.

20 Nov, 2009


I agree Weedpatch. Let's make our guests feel if we can....and hope they will join GoY as new members :)

20 Nov, 2009


I'm sure that I have read that guests are unable to reply to a question that they have asked. So i'm not sure that this guest will be able to give us more information in the question, and the only way he/she can is to ask another question. This, so i believe, is why we don't get a response from the Guest to thier questions that we have answered. I dont think it's them being rude. Just how it is.
They have to join to beable to reply back to those who have answered.

On the Guest Query page-
What else can guests do?
Asking questions is the only thing that guests can do. If someone asks a question and then joins in the same visit, they can 're-claim' their question.

Unless I've just misunderstood how it all works...

21 Nov, 2009


No I don't think they can reply Nicky - which is one of the reasons we get frustrated if we ask for more info. As a guest they can only post one question - at least I 'think' that is the case... Guest if you can find a way to get more info to us it would really help.

21 Nov, 2009


If Guests are only allowed one question and no option to reply then there's no way they can give more information unless they join..I remember when i first joined forums I was so nervous and browsed for days before i joined in and when you do join in it takes forever to find your way around, I think your scared in case you make a fool of yourself lol..
Good advice from Crazydi and welcome to GOY Guest, do join in we dont all bite :)

22 Nov, 2009

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