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i have recently planted a jasmine plant on a window box of a third story flat. This plant was transfered from indoors to outdoors and now seems to be burning on a significant number of leaves. I have no idea why this is?

On plant Oh i live in central scotland and the window is south facing




When have you transfered You Jasmine ?

1 Jun, 2008


two weeks ago

1 Jun, 2008


I think than the pant need water
if the plant is transfered when the leaves are alredy present on the Jasmine you must give much water because the trees perspire with the leaves and will be dehydrated but it's like this with any vegetables

I hope than you have understood my English because i'm french

1 Jun, 2008


Your plant may be a bit in shock from two things: transplant to a new pot; and transplant outdoors. Also consider that in a window box you have heat from the surrounding walls radiating to your plant, not only in daytime but into the night. Pinch the end half inch of growth on each branch - this helps roots adapt to replanting. Try misting with a spray bottle for a few weeks - jasmine likes a warm moist environment all around the plant. And follow Alexanders' advice - plenty of water. Good luck

1 Jun, 2008


thanks so muck for the advice Alexandre552 and Barrierisland. A shock to the plant would make perfect sense. Ill start the pinching and water the plant a little more. Thanks again

1 Jun, 2008

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