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By Jeanna

Jakarta, Indonesia Id

Does anyone know what type of flower this is? It was on a vine. A vine that covers many fences. Huge! I now live in Indonesia and I've never seen this.




Looks like one of the varieties of morning glory’s (Ipomoea) we grow them has annuals in the UK but in warmer climates they are perennials

23 Dec, 2012


yes, that's definitely a morning glory

23 Dec, 2012


If this is growing in Indonesia, it's more likely to be Clitoria ternatea. It grows in my garden here in northern Australia, but is regarded as an environmental weed. It is very hard to get rid of.

23 Dec, 2012


Thank you guys so much! How do I grow it. I think it's beautiful!

23 Dec, 2012


its not morning glory, it has a 'pea' shaped flower so I suspect it is Clitoria as Berneih says. Check its not on any environmental ban lists.

23 Dec, 2012


Yes I would agree with Seaburngirl, check first to see if this plant is listed as an environmental weed in your area. It's particularly invasive here and so very hard to remove.

Growing it is relatively easy as it's extremely hardy and thrives on neglect.

23 Dec, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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