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I am new to this site and was just reading about preserving geraniums. My aunt told me to take them out of the pots, knock most of the dirt from around the roots and hang them upside down in the basement. Did you ever hear of this method? I have about 4 really large plants that I would very much like to save for next year. Two are in the ground and two are in pots. Would the same method be used to preserve all of them?



Welcome to GoY, Kathy. Yes, I've heard of it - my grandfather used to do that, but hang them in the coalhole under the stairs! No idea how successful it was though - I always used to cut mine back by 2/3rds, pot em up in spent compost or sand and peat mix, puff sulphur dust over them and stand them on a wardrobe in an unheated room till beginning of March, then repot them properly, bring them into the light indoors and start watering to trigger growth ready for planting in summer. Now I've got CH, I cut them back and stick them in a big pot at the back of the balcony (live in London, south facing balcony) and hope for the best! They can survive 10 degrees of frost, its the wet they hate. Hope that helps

12 Nov, 2009


I must say I hadn't heard of hanging them up like that ...but you might get away with it. Personally I take mine out of any troughs or big pots ....stick 'em in 5" plastic ones and "plunge" them along with all my fuchsias etc into the tomato trench in the greenhouse - which is unheated. If the frost is really very hard - I throw a layer of fleece over them and so problems!!! Like Bamboo says - it is wet that they hate and which will cause them to rot off....otherwise they will come through fine and provide you with great new shoots for new plants next year. Some people even bury them completely same as you can do with fuchsias...haven't tried it myself.....but have seen others that have!! Good luck..they are tougher than they look!

12 Nov, 2009


Thank you Kathyfenst for asking the Q. and thank you Alzheimer for the info about how to treat them in the greenhouse. I will cover mine and hopefully save more than usual.

12 Nov, 2009

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