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By Magga

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am looking for a shrub to fill a space in my border that wil not shed its leaves and will give colour all year round,preferably to grow to four or five feet.
I would be grateful for ant suggestions.



How much light will it get? What sort of soil do you have? More info needed please. The majority of evergreen shrubs are not known for the wow factor.

12 Nov, 2009


No, I agree, Mg - but I bought a shrub this week, Magga, which could fit the bill - in sun or part-shade, any soil. It's called Euonymus japonicus 'Maiden's Gold' and if you click on my avatar, then 'photos' it's the first one on the second row down. It really lights up the border - and yes, it's evergreen, and you can keep it pruned to the size you want! :-)))

12 Nov, 2009


I was going to suggest the euonymus i've three different ones but the emeraldn'gold and emerald gaiety provide a backdrop for flowers in the summer and are always cheerful in the dark days of winter

12 Nov, 2009


Grevilleas are lovely. they have different types of foliage depending on which variety you go for. They also flower throughout he Winter.
Coronilla valentina glauca is also a good buy, it has a lovely silvery hue to the leaves and flowers this time of year.
There is rosemary for the sunnier sites. Garrya Eliptica is one for a shadier position and it will climb up and can be trained along a shady wall if necessary, it also has tassle flowers in early Spring. If you like large shiny green leaves then Fatsia Japonica is nice, it also has white pom-pom flowers. All these shrubs can be pruned to keep them to the required height and are slightly more unusual. The Grevilleas and Coronilla also give the 'wow factor'

12 Nov, 2009


Choisya ternata Sundance - evergreen, rounded shrub, gets to the height you want, spread about the same, scented flowers in May, and this variety has year round yellow leaves which are very yellow indeed if planted in sun.

12 Nov, 2009


escallonia are also good sun/shade, though dont do autumn colour but are evrgreen. there are also variegated hollies and hebes that will aslo do well for you.

12 Nov, 2009


have a look at this site gardening and look at this new one photinia cassini pink marble it is evergreen and hardy,a bit like but is not a red robin

13 Nov, 2009


Pittisporum Tenuifolium "Abbotsbury gold" is lovely. It has green edged golden leaves and is good for flower arranging, which means you can keep it to the size you want. Type the name in to your internet query box and you should find suppliers and photos there. It seems to like all soil types. Good luck with whatever you choose.

14 Nov, 2009

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