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Do you know the name of a cactus that looks like a coiled snake or a rope? I have a picture.




This may be a mamillaria cristate,I think they can form from any cacti but very infrequently in nature. They are formed from an abnormality, I'm sure someone will correct me :)

8 Nov, 2009


Thats scary

8 Nov, 2009


wow what a stunning form. Is this a plant in the wild ? I really do like this.

8 Nov, 2009


I think it looks a bit like a brain.

8 Nov, 2009


Could be mammillaria elongata? Fascinating shape.

9 Nov, 2009


I would beat it to death with a big

9 Nov, 2009


That's cruel, Cliffo! I'll call the RSPCP.

9 Nov, 2009

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