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Do I deadhead allium?

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What is the care of allium once it has flowered please - do I deadhead or are next years flowers on the ends of the stalks.? And do I feed and remove the dead leaves Thanks so much!

On plant Allium



The leaves will die away completely pretty soon, so if they are beginning to with you can remove them. As for the flower stalks, well they are quite decorative so you could leave them on. Or if you want to try growing them from seed, then leave them until the seeds begin to drop and sow fresh. Or you could let them fall where they will and get babies that way. Or You will find that in many cases the flower stalk is actually no longer attached to the bulb and may be gently removed and discarded.

31 May, 2008


Thanks! So what about the bulbs that I originally planted - do I leave them in or take them out and dry them like the tulips?
Are the 'bobbles' at the end of the dying purple flowers seeds or are the seeds going to come at the stalk end of the dead flower?
You will have a job understanding that!! Sorry!

31 May, 2008


Hello again - I'm wondering if the bulb things on a couple of the dead stalks are something to do with an insect. I thought the mass was bulbs forming but only two stalks have them. These two have lost most of the spikes with green bobbles on and just have these attachments which look like garlic cloves right on the stem where the flower stalks were attached - does that make any sense?? I could try to tale a pic.if you think that would help. Sheila

31 May, 2008


Some Alliums are devils for forming bulbs on the old flowering stems. They spread like that and some of them SPREAD!. If it is a worthwhile plant then you can plant the baby bulbs and grow them on. If not then remove and bin!. The seed heads look like tiny (2 mm across or so) three cornered green hats. Each one contains three little black seeds..
As for the original buls. Well it depends. I never bother lifting ours, but then our soil is very well drained so they do not rot. If they are in pots or your soil is damp then you could dry them off and store. I have as I say, never done this so I have no idea how.
Do you know what Allium you have by the way?

31 May, 2008


No I don't know what Allium they are - and as you can tell - I've never grown them before. They are tall and the purple flower balls are about 4 inches across. I can see the little seed heads you mention and isn't it strange that they grow these bulbs as well? Thank you so much for all your help. I will do my best to have a good display next year.
Kind regards

31 May, 2008


do I deadhead allium

28 May, 2009

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