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Here's a flower that I actually like but I don't know if it's a weed or what, does anyone know what it is? It dies completely in the winter and returns every summer, with no effort on my part. Thanks!

Marigolds, excellent! They are springing up in the gravel driveway on the south side of the house. If only they would push out the other weeds. Thank you all for your help!

On plant Calendula

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This plant is a marigold, Calendula arvensis perhaps.

4 Nov, 2009


It certainly looks like a Marigold, Whatever it is it ticks the box for you, weed or not. It's a beauty.

4 Nov, 2009


Yup, commonly known as Pot Marigold. Don't know why. Never seen it growing in a pot lol If you like it, you can collect the seeds and spread them about your garden. They like somewhere sunny.

4 Nov, 2009

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