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I've just bought for the first time some bare-root roses. They have arrived with the stems coated in what looks like a layer of green candle-wax!
Er, why would this be? Do I leave it on or take it off?!?!

On plant Rosa



hi dont worry about this its just to stop the plant drying out in storage and it will biodegrade when new growth starts merynjnr

29 Oct, 2009


San is right Merynjnr. It stops dehydration and protects the canes. The new growth will break through the coating. Don't forget to completely immerse the whole plant in some tepid water for a while before planting. I also recommend throwing a banana peel into the hole with the roots when you plant.

30 Oct, 2009


Gilli is the queen of roses mervyn so you know she can help with any roses questions from now on :o))

30 Oct, 2009


LOL San....... :oD

30 Oct, 2009


;o)) x

30 Oct, 2009


Thanks for the advice, you lovely people. I was afraid I might have to peel it all off by hand!
(I suppose I could have moulded it into a Christmas candle..)

PS Gilli - I'm off now to buy a hand of bananas. I know exercise is one good side-effect of gardening, I hadn't realised healthy eating was another!

31 Oct, 2009


LOL Mervyn......You don't really have to eat the bananas.....I don't 'cause I hate bananas....I let my husband eat them and just use the peels. :o)

1 Nov, 2009

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