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what am i?


By Faith

United Kingdom Gb

does anyone know what this plant is called?




Ipomea (Morning Glory) I think.

30 May, 2008


Definitely. Ipomoea 'Grandpa Otis' which is an annual climber. You can buy seeds of several different coloured ones, they are easy to grow, but slugs and snails love them!

30 May, 2008


The blooms open in early morning, close for the day and evening. You will see pods where the blooms fall off - filled with black seeds. Remove if you want to control where this vine goes - it propagates from those pods constantly and can therefore choke an area. The pods are heavy enough to land near the original plant - the result is a mass of new vines around the original. If bottom leaves begin to turn yellow, you are over watering. Be sure roots can drain. Fast solution to covering a fence!

30 May, 2008

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