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why do my chrysanthemum buds die before opening?


By Liz49

United Kingdom Gb

I have small green buds but they turn brown and dont open.



welcome to GOY.
is this a houseplant? if yes its because it is getting too dry. I find they need to be cool and moist . try misting the plant or stand the pot in a gravel tray that you water.
if it is an out door/garden plant then i dont really know. though it could be lack of rain.

27 Oct, 2009


If it's an indoor one, it won't like central heating, so keep it in a light, cool room away from radiators, etc.

27 Oct, 2009


I grow lots of mums, both outside and in the greenhouse. You have bud rot. Throw away the infected plants because you don't want this to spread.

10 Jul, 2011

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