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Care of elymus magellanicus

United Kingdom

We planted 2 of these in a soil part London clay part potting compost. It seems to be dying now in late october. Is his normal? the plants have never dried out. They are in a north facing shrub bed in a London(UK) garden square. They did get a bit overhung by the leaves of Japanese anenomes. The bed is defnitely semi shade.

On plant Elymus magellanicus



this is a perennial grass, which might mean it disappears in the winter, but I'm not sure - I've checked everywhere I can, and all I can find is that it's perennial, so what you're seeing might just be the grass going into dormancy for the winter. It should return next year. Perhaps someone else on the site grows it and knows for sure that it dies down in the winter.

26 Oct, 2009

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