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Why does my aspidistra not flower?

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I have had 2 aspidistras for 20 or so years and not once have they flowered. Every year a small bud-like growth appears just above the soil level.What is this and can you give me any tips as to how to promote flowering. Pictures attached. The plants are kept in a good indirect light position in my dining room. Regards, Mrs D Hoyland




Just looked this up - obviously, this plant is grown for its foliage, principally, and according to the info I just found, it bears "insignificant, urn shaped flowers on a very short stem at soil level" so actually, your plant is doing exactly what it should.

22 Oct, 2009


Yes that is the flower of the Aspidistra. I think they are much maligned plants.

22 Oct, 2009


Apparently becoming more popular again, Wyeboy, or so I've read. That flower is a bit disappointing if you're not expecting it to be like that, though.

22 Oct, 2009


they used to wipe the leaves with olive oil to make them shine

22 Oct, 2009


The reason that the flowers sit like this is because they use molluscs ie slugs and snails to transfer pollen between plants.

Why would it produce spectacular flowers for them? It probably releases an appropriate scent specifically for them too to draw them in. Enjoy your plant for it's foliage and wonder at how ingenious plants can be at using various pollen vectors :-)

22 Oct, 2009


Wipe with milk and water to bring a shine on the leaves.

26 Oct, 2009

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