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What is this plant and how do i take care of it ? Can I put it outside and how do I stop it growing ? Can I prune it ?


By Jsnook

United Kingdom Gb

I was given this plant as a present with no details. It is beautiful however keeps growing frantically. I keep it on a sideboard with good light and water regularly.It sheds its flowers quite often but keeps thriving. I get rid of the dead leaves and then water however is there any way I can keep it the size it is without repotting. It`s going mad!!! It would help if I knew what it was too. Please help !!!
There are more photos I have added on my name jsnook.




The flowers look like those of a Begonia.
If it 'is', then it's an outdoor plant and an annual.

17 Oct, 2009


The leaves in one of the other photos look like begonia leaves.

It can be grown indoors, as you are doing, but be aware that it probably is an annual plant - so it won't last for ever! :-(

Welcome to GOY, by the way.

17 Oct, 2009


It is a beginia sutherlandii. You can put it outside as they are quite hardy and they should grow next year. Alternatively you can keep it as a house plant. Stop watering it from now until march. You could prune it .

17 Oct, 2009


Not sure where Skillen lives, but this is definitely not hardy here in the very west Midlands of England. It is more often grown as a Conservatory plant.

17 Oct, 2009


Yes it is normally grown as a conservatory plant but I also know it can be grown outside. In lincolnshire Pmg who owns a nursey has been growing this plant outside for 2 years and doesn't seem to have any problems. In Glasgow I wouldn't think it would survive outside.

17 Oct, 2009


i have the orange flowered form of B. sutherlandii and it is in the ground and fully hardy. its been there for 4 years now. i understand it to be tuberous rootstock.

17 Oct, 2009


Welcome jsnook....:>)

17 Oct, 2009


Mine do NOT overwinter outside up here on the NE of Scotland....but bring it inside - cut it back to what is manageable and it will keep on going through the winter...just ticking over ...then it will get going again next season when you water and feed it up.
Good luck - it is a very pretty one.

18 Oct, 2009


Thank you all so much. What great advice!! I am a novice gardener but love experimenting, I may nurture it inside for the spring and then plant outside to see how it fares.
Thanks again for such great advice !!!

18 Oct, 2009

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