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moving camellias


By Flyn

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We have just moved 3 well established Camellias to another part of the garden. I "googled" and asked the question about moving them and it says I should cut then down by a third directly after moving and feed with Multicrop once a week for 4-6 weeks apparently this will reduce the shock of moving and help promote healthy roots. I then realised this was an Australian website and I cannot get Multicrop, should I be feeding a Camellia this time of the year (October 16th 2009) and if so should it be something like bonemeal, only I don't think feeding the plants as often as weekly for 4-6 weeks sounds right? Please help!!!!



I dont think they do need anything yet as you said. Perhaps a little bonemeal in the ericacious soil but other than that just lots of water. Not sure about the cutting back part either, they may start to lose some foliage due to the move but then presumably these lose leaves at this time of year anyway?

someone on here will give you proper info sorry I couldnt be more help

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16 Oct, 2009


I would be inclined to cut them back by a third, as recommended, to make up for the root loss. With winter on the way, anything you can do to encourage them to be stronger will help. I would also feed now with bonemeal to encourage root growth but wait until spring to give a general feed and make sure they don't go short of water next year. You may also find next year's flowering is poor due to the move but hopefully they will recover next year and reward you in years to come.

16 Oct, 2009

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