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Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

This appeared last year in my neighbour's garden and this year it has grown to about 15 feet high. Unfortunately it is very close to our conservatory and when it's windy this 'tree thingy' bends over into our garden and almost hits the conservatory. She seems to have about 4 or 5 of these scattered around her garden, I have seen them in hedgerows but never this tall in a garden. An identification would help if anyone knows what it is please let me know. Thanks.




Looks like a Sycamore or at best a Field Maple. Either way, not the best thing to have growing near your house. The sycamore gets very BIG very quickly.The Field maple gets to be a small tree, but more slowly.

28 May, 2008


As we don't get on with our neighbour, we're not sure how to tackle this. She is not in any way shape or form a gardener and has nothing but an overgrown dandylion lawn and overgrown Leylandi on the other side of her garden. Our other neighbours chopped a huge tree down last year and I think it's one of the 'helicopter' seeds which has found it's way there. We found a small one growing behind our conservatory and managed to get it out at the weekend. The tree the neighbours chopped has some new shoots growing out of the top of the trunk they left behind and the leaves look the same. Any idea how we can get the neighbour to remove it....quick?

28 May, 2008


You could be very polite and hope that they understand that the roots could well undermine your foundations...Offer to remove it for them. Is there anyone else living close who does get on with them, to be an intermediary before you have to get help and advice from the local Council? The drastic bit would of course stir them up, unfortunately, but it is your property at risk..

28 May, 2008


A large tree growing near buildings is a definite no-no.I'm sure you will find a solution.Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.You never know your neighbour might move.

29 May, 2008


Perhaps you can show that the trees pose a continuing risk to HER property. Take a leaf to be sure of ID, Google growth habit and propagation method. You may be able to prove the existing trees pose a geometrically expanding risk to HER home and to surrounding properties. In the US this is referred to as a "trash tree", propagates steadily and easily and can take over an entire neighborhood. You may be able to use fear for her property to motivate her to cooperate. Maybe ask a property insurance agent to help? Best of luck!

29 May, 2008


Thank you all so much for your comments. Hubby has popped round tonight and was shocked at her reaction. We used our hedge as an excuse to talk to her. He asked her if he could pop round next time she's out and trim our hedge which has grown a little way over the boundary. While he was on the subject, he mentioned the tree, she just said 'That weed?' (some weed eh?), and said we could take it down as long as we take it away. We couldn't refuse, so a happy ending all round. Thanks chaps!

29 May, 2008


Well done! Happy outcome with no hassle! Do it before she changes her mind..... :-)

29 May, 2008


Wonderful outcome! See if the tree has pods, blooms etc. which might scatter when taken down - maybe use a tarp under it to prevent propagation.

29 May, 2008


Phew, so glad it's gone. We've just come back from the shops to see she's cut her 2' high lawn out front and almost got the shears on other overgrown paraphanalia. I say almost....her 10 year old was waving them about but not sure if anthings been chopped down....I'm itching to get my strimmer and shears out and it could all be over in minutes - I'd chop the lot, it's like a jungle in there!

1 Jun, 2008

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