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Bouganvillea problem


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

We have a Bouganvillea plant that is about 5 years old, it is always straggly and although this summer we have had plenty of sun only now can we see a couple of flowers. The leaves seem to grow at the bottom of the stems and some at the top but the stem is very bare in the middle. It is in a pot and we keep it in a frost free warm porch in during the winter, south facing.
What can we do to encourage it to flower?



that dependon if glabra, spectabilso r peruviana- wich you have?

11 Oct, 2009


I think glabra-it need 5hrs sun a day at leest, plus lots of humid-water neer. less after flower. indoor they not like-less flower- hotels swap plnts. if pot bound is good. in uk, max sun need. dont wory pruning-not efect flowers.

11 Oct, 2009


As a general rule of thumb any Bouganvillea's don't like pots and like to get their feet down into soil (here they like poor soil best)
Trying to grow a plant outside it's natural habitat is always going to be hard work.
Once established it's difficult to get shot of them! Even with a hatchet and weedkiller. Ours are ignored for months on end (very little if any water) and still they grow and flower like mad.
Not my favourite plants I'm afraid the thorns are vicious!

11 Oct, 2009

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