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what flowers can you have all year round?


By Drseuss

United States Us

also we have a down hill slop in the front yard. what could we use so we would not have to mow there it is very hadr to do?



Hello Drseuss (familiar, cat in the hat!) Groundhugging groundcover I should think, something like Cotoneaster Queen of Carpets, if it will survive your winters - not sure what zone you're in.
As for flowers all year round, that might be possible in the tropics, but not anywhere else! You'd have to plant a succession of flowering things, choosing those with longer flowering seasons, hopefully, so you've always got something in flower, except in midwinter.

7 Oct, 2009


Bamboo corect- if you tropical US, then try Catharanthus. Theys elf seed evrywere-nice rihc pink flowers

8 Oct, 2009

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