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what to grow for popular appeal ?

Perthshire, United Kingdom Gb

I want to produce some plants that will be snapped up in our charity shop. so far we're planning to do potted hyacinths and narcissus and I'm looking for more ideas. I now also have the use of a poly-tunnel - is there anything i could be growing from seed at this time of year?
We have lots of interesting cuttings from serious gardeners, but I'm looking for something that has immediate popular appeal. Any ideas?



From what I have sold for charity Spring bedding is always popular as are pots of spring bulbs, geraniums, petunias, begonia almost anything that gives spring colour or summer colour sells well. In my experience people like to see what they are getting colour wise. Bit late for most seeds without heat what about the cuttings you have been given? Some of these could do very well by spring.

6 Oct, 2009


Coleus would probably be a hit, but I don't know if it would be possible to raise them from seed right now. Certainly possible to take cuttings and grow those on, if anyone you know has some. They make quite good houseplants during the winter, if grown indoors from small.

6 Oct, 2009


Herbs are always a good seller and easy to propagate from cuttings or seed.

7 Oct, 2009


One year I grew lots of Polka Dot plants (Hypoestes phyllostachya) from seed. They germinated well from seed sown in the spring. They were very popular! Good, attractive little house plants.
An idea for next year??

For this winter, what about some crocuses and/or dwarf Iris potted up? You could also start some Amaryllis bulbs off in attractive pots (painted terracotta??).

7 Oct, 2009

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