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Can I grow my daphne odora aureomarginata in a pot?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have just bought a small one and want to put it in a pot near my front door. It would be reasonably sheltered there and I would be sure it wouldn't be waterlogged but could I keep it happy in a pot?

On plant Daphne odora



Yes, they do quite well in containers, especially if as you say the site is sheltered. What it won't really appreciate is really hot sun during summer but if this is the case, moving will be an option of course. Any multi purpose with extra loam added will be fine for it too.

29 Sep, 2009


i gane small mother-in-law. i givnice sheltered house, dry, butshe neverh appy. now she live wiht us. perhaps i will puther ina potby frontdoor andhop she not hapy theer.

29 Sep, 2009


Nice one Derek :-)

29 Sep, 2009


Thank you. I will give it a go. If it works it will be so wonderful to have the scent surround me everytime I leave and come back to the house and to have the flowers to brighten up the most difficult months of the year.

30 Sep, 2009


You must make sure it never dries out and never becomes waterlooged - both will kill it

30 Sep, 2009

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