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How can I get rid of Japanese Anemone from tarmac?

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I bought a house in Oxfordshire where the front garden is divided from the tarmac road only by a picket fence. The garden was completely overgrown with Japanese Anemones which were even growing outside my property up through the tarmac pavement.
I have managed to restrain the bulk of the plants by a lot of digging, but I cannot dig up the Council's tarmac. The plants keep on shooting up even though I pull them out as much as possible every time. Help!! These plants are indestructible.

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I'd try spraying them with Round up or similar, something glyphosphate based, preferably when they're growing strongly next year. I would suggest treating the tarmac road where they're popping up with Pathclear, but legally, you shouldn't apply weedkillers to public ground, especially without the appropriate qualification to do so.

29 Sep, 2009


if they are so extreme how the hech did I manage to kill mine off completely?

Im now beginning to thank my lucky stars they did die, they sound real hard work!!

good luck with the above tip

x x x

29 Sep, 2009


You must have the knack, Mookins - perhaps we should send you down to Diamonddope to deal with his;-)))

29 Sep, 2009


Well Mookins, you are welcome to come and kill off the ones here as well. Roundup is the only answer and time. You need to spray as soon as there is any new green growth and KEEP ON doing it or they will come back. Thought I had got rid of it from one of my rock gardens since it did not appear last year, guess what I have just put Round up on? So it has come back after a whole 12 months of no show.

29 Sep, 2009


Had a dreadful time with this in my last garden, it drove me and my neighbour nuts with it's persistance. Never tried any sort of killer, just kept digging it up - then we moved so I guess it's still there!!

29 Sep, 2009


B***ER, I've just posted a photo of this asking what it was as it just keeps coming back no matter what I do! How will I get rid of it now? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

30 Sep, 2009


Jen, how do you fancy a trip to Notts?

30 Sep, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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