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By Mikey

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I've had a bamboo plant for a year, but during the recent windy weather I've noticed that the leaves are going brown around the edges, what is the cure and what is the best way to look after it?



I don't think there is a cure for wind damage apart from trimming the leaves. Is it too exposed where it it planted? Is it feasible to move it to a more sheltered spot?

27 May, 2008


I've got 20 varieties at 600ft. Happens all the time. The leaves will regrow in summer. Beware, drought is about the only bamboo killer.

I hope you did not get one with the wide leaves that grows to a convenient to sell height of about 8 ft which they sell in garden centres (Sasa or Pseudosasa) - that's irresponsible marketing and a bl__dy train!!!!

29 May, 2008

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