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whats it called?


By Gaynorw

United Kingdom Gb

what is the flower/plant called that was suppose to have refused to bend its head when christ was crucified called? Its suppose to have one tear.



Fritillaria imperialis

26 May, 2008


Owdboggy you beat me to it. I was just about to post the name. Here is a bit more info Gaynorw. The legend attached to the crown imperial’s flowers; the way it appears to hang its head in shame is said to have derived from the bold way the flower originally stared at Christ on his way to the Crucifixion. Some praised the flower’s beauty but others disliked it, not at least for its smell. The corms smell strongly of fox and it acquired the name of Stink Lily.

26 May, 2008


Anyone have a pic? I'd like to see this.

28 May, 2008


Wohlibuli - if you stick Fritillaria imperialis into the search box top left and move over to the Photos tab of the results you will see a couple of pics.

28 May, 2008

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