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I have a plumeria, it has been growing for about three years, it only has 2 branches and they look all wrinkled. I want to get this plant stronger and hopefully bloom next year. Can anyone help me with this plant?



I don't know this plant at all, and you don't say which variety you have - Plumeria, according to my info, is frost tender, min 55 degrees F, they're mainly deciduous and are grown for their flowers summer/autumn. This plant has poisonous sap too. It requires full sun and free draining soil and potted specimens should be watered moderately while in growth, and left dry in winter when leafless. Stem tips may be cut out to induce the plant to branch. And that's all I've got on this plant.

26 Sep, 2009


if wrinkled,then NO water. like this, it has name DEAD MANS FINGERS. THIS TIMe of yeer, is poor,but water from novemer on but never to much. this state is naturel-do not worry.

26 Sep, 2009


Derekf I don't know Plumerias personally, well living in Scotland they wouldn't exactly be happy with us! I've read up on them on various different websites which seem to imply they need a lot of heat sunshine and be allowed to dry out after each watering. But I couldn't find anything about them naturally getting shriveled looking and then perking up again.
I know it isn't easy for you to use the computer keyboard but could you try and explain a little more - I always like to learn things.
Dead Man's Fingers I had always understood to be a sea plant

26 Sep, 2009


often hapen-same comon name for plnts. plumerias not likewater unles downpor sometime. if drout, then leaf drop alot leave just much rain start rot. i make new hybrid whenat SBG do class. i put inmyphotos.
funy platn plumeria- easyto grow until probelm, then big probelm.canbe easyfor yeers,then oh dear!!!

27 Sep, 2009

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