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geraniun maderense


By Bren


bought a plant of this earler this year, have now obtained some seeds, Has anyone grown this from seed before?
If yes pls give me some tips.I do know its biennial,I just want try from seed !!!



Hi Bren

Thompson and Morgan sell the seeds and there shouldn't be a problem with growing... it is a perennial that you are advised to treat as a biennial.

25 Sep, 2009


I have grown the almost identical G. palmatum from seed before. Quite easy really, though I would start them from the end of February onwards on a bright but not hot windowsill. If you have enough seed, split the batches. Normal seed compost with a covering of sharp grit. The seed wants to be it's own depth under. If fresh, it should come up quickly (week to ten days).

25 Sep, 2009


i have this and it has always been biennial. it prefers free draining compost and full sun to do well.

25 Sep, 2009


Hi Bren, have a look at Louis pics, he's grown one in a pot, spectacular! It's made me want to grow some too. Full sun Sb... here? I'll do my best:-)

26 Sep, 2009


Just to let you know, it's not that hard in the UK. I'd grow it in a pot with gritty loamy soil. Bring it indoors during the Winter

26 Sep, 2009

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