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In response;

After the response to the comments I received on my last blog I thought I had to answer it here rather than in the blog comments as this is the discussion area!

Firstly let me thank all those who responded, it really helped me to make my decision.

It looks like most people are not for the format I am using as you can see from the following extracts;

Basically against;

Seaburngirl-That is why I rarely click on links. I've also fallen foul of viruses in the past.

Pamg- That is why I rarely click on links. I've also fallen foul of viruses in t

Lizziebee-I,m happy dipping into Goy but don't follow any links,

Lizziebee-Sorry teegee, I don't look into any links either

Bloomer- Agree cannot bother with links to other sites.

Janey- I haven't looked at anyone's links much since..not just yours..I would love to look at them ,if you posted them on here

Dwyllis-I would love to see Teegee post them on Garden Photo's instead

Drc726-Even on my iPad I don't click onto any other links on blogs, unless they have direct access

Scotsgran-I agree with the others I cannot see you are doing anything wrong either, but for me I do not go to the links as I have had a couple that my Norton security

Bassically for;

Scotkat-I love your slide shows, do not always take in all the words

Bloomer- Great blogs as ever keep up the good work if you can .

Drc726-I don't have a problem with clicking onto your link TG, as it's quick & simple on my iPad ...
it would take a lot longer on my main computer though.

Scotsgran-Don't stop doing what you do but enjoy it for its own sake.

Scotsgran-Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

So as you can see there are more basically against plus there are one or two contradictions!

Another factor is;

A few of you have replied and I respect you for that!

But based on the number of people who have viewed my blogs ( based on my website stats) you are in the minority, as there are more that have said nothing,so it is this factor that has put me in a quandry!

So my decision is; You have seen my last 'blog' on Goy at least for the forseeable future!

I would put a link here so that those people that still want to continue looking at my blogs can, but I can't because the site does not allow me to place hyperlinks.

Plus the fact as has been made quite clear above, a lot of you would not have used it anyway.

But for those that do may I suggest you go to one of my blogs look at the 'toolbar' and you will see a button marked 'archive' click on this and you will get acces to all my past blogs and those that I have planned!

Regarding anwering questions;

On the same toolbar their is a button named 'home' which will take you to my website so perhaps you can find the answer to any questions you may have there!

And thats it folks I am done!

But before I go I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy Christmas (OK I'm a bit early) and A Happy New Year.

Lets hope 2013 gives us better weather and growing conditions than 2012 did!.......Tg.




You are doing no harm posting links .

Those who want to use them will ,those who don't won't.

It seems a shame you're going to stop just because some people don't want to click on them

24 Nov, 2012


I don't object to the links but as I said before I,m happy just popping in and out of Goy, carry on by all means

24 Nov, 2012


Same here..but you will do what you prefer to do,Teegee..whatever the response..that is your choice,and rightly so..and thanks for the info on how to access any questions we may have..I also would like to wish you all the best for the festive season,and a good gardening year in 2013..and the future...

24 Nov, 2012


You have misquoted me TG I did not say "Drc726-Even on my iPad I don't click onto any other links on blogs, unless they have direct access". I see you have also quoted scotsgran wrongly too!

To put the record straight -- what I said was on your blog was "I agree with the others I cannot see you are doing anything wrong either, but for me I do not go to the links as I have had a couple that my Norton security did not like. Also for me the enjoyment is seeing what is put on here and reading the comments and joining in some discussion that arise which you cannot get if following links".

24 Nov, 2012


Hmm, well that's a different take on things. As far as I'm concerned, this 'area' is for Questions, and not one I'd class as a 'Discussion Area'. In fact, I'd argue the Blog section is the 'discussion area'. The point of a blog is to say something that doesn't necessarily require an answer or comment, unlike this section (Questions) - when people do comment, discussion often ensues, under the Blog concerned.

24 Nov, 2012


Good point Bamboo.......
I was misquoted too I pop in and out rather than catch viruses!

24 Nov, 2012


It was my comment duplicated for you pamg. But as TG says people can go to his site if they want. I just find extra links drive me mad as this computer is sooooo sloooow.

Agree blogs create the discussion though we often do diverge on questions and hasnt that caused problems over the years.

Its a shame if TG leaves the site but his choice.

24 Nov, 2012


You misquoted me twice, was from Scotsgran,the other from Lizziebee...I also agree ,it should not have been on obviously a discussion..I think you have made it more confusing,by "quoting" everyone..and wrongly in a few cases..

25 Nov, 2012


Oh flipping heck, thats sods law if ever I saw it, I`ve only just sussed out how to comment on your blogs Teegee, I always enjoy them and was getting very frustrated at the fact I couldn`t place a comment, which is why they have all gone on today, now you say there won`t be anymore on here, i`ve been working my way through them again..
It is your decision and I respect that but I`m very disappointed....
All The Best for Christmas and 2013, take care.........

25 Nov, 2012


No need to quote people's comments at all as if we want to see them we can look at the original question. As far as I remember you have never actually asked a gardening question and all your entries except your very useful replies to questions should have been in the Blogs section.

Most people don't take offence when not many people read their blogs and you have had a very much better response than many people. So why leave? Just be like everybody else!
If you want to use links instead of putting all the info on this site that's your choice, but members also have the free choice of whether they want to click on them or not.

25 Nov, 2012

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