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laburnum tree

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Laburnum tree 26ft 30 years old usually very fully of flowers and leaves this year nothing tree looks dead. Upon investigation found a very large mushroom shaped growth at base of tree. We also have trained up the tree a clemetis Jacl Daniels which was also very prolific climing up tree. We have removed the fungi? which was very hard like polystyrene. Bark looks as though it may be bleeding(tar like substance). Can the tree be saved or will we have to destroy and remove.



Sorry, but yes, it would be advisable. I had a Laburnum in my previous garden and one day it just fell over! It wasn't even dead. So beware - I don't think they have deep roots. It could be dangerous in a wind. Sorry about the Clematis - maybe it could be saved and you could put in something else for it to climb up?

23 May, 2008

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