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Please does anyone grow Artemisia 'Powis Castle'? If so, do you cut them back in the autumn? My new plants arrived yesterday, all cut back, and the RHS site does advise that they should be 'pruned'. I'd like some advice from someone who actually has them, though!


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I never used to when I had it, used to wait till Spring and then cut it back pretty hard.

14 Nov, 2012


Hmm...thanks, I think I'll check with the Nursery that sent them.

14 Nov, 2012


I did the same as Bamboo and waited until spring

14 Nov, 2012


Do you cut them back really hard?

14 Nov, 2012


Reasonably, but not excessively. They often look a bit bruised and battered at the end of winter, so I'd cut back, say, a 3 foot plant by about half if necessary. I wasn't above giving it a bit of light cutting back in mid summer if it got a bit large, but its not entirely hardy, this one, so that's why I'd wait till Spring. By which time, it looked pretty tatty I can tell you... but where you are,Spritz, it might not suffer quite so much.

15 Nov, 2012


Oh well - I'll just have to be patient and trust the Nursery. They are very good 'plantspeople'...:-)

16 Nov, 2012

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