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Nitrogen and green peppers.


By Edtam

United States Us

We have done some research and have found we have too much nitrogen in our garden for green peppers to grow and produce well. Does anyone have a way to alter/conteract this ?



That's interesting. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the three components of fertiliser. They get used up as plants grow (they are incorporated into the biomass of the plants).

So perhaps the way to deplete your excess nitrogen is to grow other things for a couple of years, until your soil is less nutrient-rich.

23 May, 2008


I know this is an old question, but I wanted to answer in case someone else had the same question. Decomposing straw (not hay) uses nitrogen. If you have an abundance of nitrogen, till straw in the soil it will deplete the excess nitrogen. :-)

8 May, 2014

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