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Can anyone tell me what this plant is please?

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We have several of these in our garden and although they all started 4 years ago as single small plants, they are now all huge and with multiple shoots. Also, can anyone tell me how I would seperate the shoots as they have trunks like trees!





They look like Cordylines - are you saying that taller one at the back has a couple of offshoots, which are the ones in front and behind? - if you want rid of those, you'll have to saw through their stems at the point where they're growing out of the mainstem of the original plant.

6 Sep, 2009


Yes, thats exactly it - the large plant has 2 offshoots!

Thats brilliant Bamboo. We thought about sawing through but were worried we'd kill the plant.

I take it we wont?

Also, can we do anything with the offshoots? Seems a shame to get rid of healthy plant?

6 Sep, 2009


Usually, when these appear, they're at the base of the plant, if you're lucky, and then you'd cut them off when they're about 6 to 8 inches, making sure there's a bit of root attached if you want to pot them up. It probably won't kill the main plant to do it now, but it would be better if you'd removed them when they were small. You don't have a choice now, anyway, they've got to go if they're taking up too much room and you don't like the look of them, so saw the side ones off.

6 Sep, 2009

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