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Has anyone ever managed to grow a Phormium from its own seeds?

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In an effort to reduce my truly massive phormium in the spring, I mercilessly hacked off a vast number of the outer leaves. In response, it produced a dozen massive flower spikes which are now covered in seed pods. I have removed the flower spikes as they are now very unattractive.
Does anyone have any ideas of how I could try producing some seedlings from what is undoubtedly an extremely virile plant........ I live in Buckinghamshire and do not have a green house if that makes any difference!

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My book says to sow seed under glass in spring, pot on as they grow, and plant out next spring "if appropriate" which presumably means "if you've got any left"! I'm pretty sure someone on this site was growing them from seed earlier on this year, but can't recall who it was. Unless you just want to grow from seed for fun, you could always dig up the one you've got, split it and replant.

5 Sep, 2009


I dug up two large ones. It was a huge job and it took a while. But I then ended up with seven smaller ones in large pots of which a couple went to friends.

5 Sep, 2009

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