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Advice I have read suggests only prune this Garrya Eliptica after flowering in April. Recently aquired this garden (and house!) and would like my greenhouse to get the light which is currently blocked by the GE's height - c. 9ft. Any advice welcome.


By Seth

United Kingdom Gb

North facing garden but sunniest position - Reading area.

On plant Garrya elliptica



What you have read Seth sounds right, as flowering is on this years wood. If you don't mind missing next year's flowering, I suppose you could cut it before it gets any colder.Welcome to GoY. I'm quite new too. It's great on this site.

5 Sep, 2009


Pruning it now is fine.

The 'flowers' are long tassels which appear in January and February and if you DO prune it back now, as Mad says, you'll lose those tassels.

I have a Garrya in a north position and i am constantly pruning mine.
Admittedly not a large annual prune - only one to keep it a nice shape.

If you cut it back hard now you would get more light back into your greenhouse.

By the way .... the more this plant's cut back, the more it grows !
Plus, it's as tough as old boots :)

5 Sep, 2009

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