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Pelargonium Lord Bute

Surrey, United Kingdom

Its currently in a border doing well (bottom left corner of pic), but I have no idea how you care for them when it gets colder? Can I keep it in my greenhouse after digging it up and putting it in a pot - or should I just wave goodbye to it at the end of this year?? I think its a bit sensitive, because when it first arrived from my my mum's balcony, where it was very pampered, all the leaves went brown and crispy. Its fine now though, so I would like to preserve it, if at all possible. (By the way - in case you were wondering, all the odd sticks and twigs in the bed were my feeble attempt to stop the cats pooing there. It hasn't worked, they just poo in between the sticks!!)



Good time to take cuttings i would say, just in case you lose the plant...I think cuttings turn into a better plant....If you want to, you could lift the plant, pot it up and keep it frost free and dry during the winter.. Pelargoniums dislike a combination of wet AND cold....good luck..:>).

3 Sep, 2009


Yes, definitely dig it up BEFORE the first frosts and then try a few cuttings as well. Always harden plants off before planting them out or you risk checking their growth or leaf damage. Some people recommend lightly brushing the leaves with your hands for a few days before putting them out, this simulates the wind etc ( but not the cats!!)

3 Sep, 2009


Agree - just wanted to say, though that I do like the planting in that bed - good mix of leaf colours.

3 Sep, 2009


I agree....very healthy and lush too...:>)

3 Sep, 2009


How do I take these cuttings please? I have not had any success with cuttings, so would be grateful if someone could give me an idiot style guide. Also - its still flowering away - should I wait for it to stop flowering before taking the cuttings?

Thanks for the compliments too guys - the planting scheme was a complete accident, as being a beginner, I just keep buying whatever I see and hoping for the best. I love red and silvery foliage though, and dark burgundy flowers are always lovely. The Heucheras have done so well, and have grown from literally 2 or 3 leaved bareroots - v impressive plant.

4 Sep, 2009

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