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2nd hebe


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom

can anyone please id this hebe
Ive noticed little pink flowers on this one
x x x

On plant Hebe



Could be Hebe 'Eveline', but there are now so many new hybrids, it's hard to be sure.

2 Sep, 2009


Mmm... you maybe right again but as you said so many, will have a better look tomorrow in day light

thanks again

x x

2 Sep, 2009


Think I'd assume it's a slightly less than hardy one - hebes sold without names at this time of year often aren't terribly hardy ones.

2 Sep, 2009


probably why they were so cheap
£1.99 each!!

aah well if it makes it then good oh
if not then I tried

x x x

2 Sep, 2009


.. or it could be Great Orme, that's a good old reliable one. Cuttings take quite well from these.

3 Sep, 2009


p.s. this one is hardier than the variegated one.

3 Sep, 2009


Defo not Great Orme - leaves aren't narrow enough.

3 Sep, 2009


Sad to say all these Hebes with relatively large leaves tend to suffer in Winter, not just from frost but from our dull cold climate . They come from New Zealand and probably miss the fresher air .. Small leaved ones are mostly OK except the lovely early flowering 'Litttle Marie', which needs slight winter shelter . and is worth it.

3 Sep, 2009


Il bring them both into the greenhouse for the cold season, thought it had started yesterday but its gorgeous sunshine this morning

x x x

4 Sep, 2009

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