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Problems with Lizzie

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I bought my Busy Lizzies from my local garden centre.They all looked in good condition.I planted them in my borders about the 4th May.I dont know if I put them in too soon but most of them are looking quite ill.The leaves have dropped in most cases and the plants are wilting.Should I have left them until end May before planting them ?



What has your weather been like? Has it been cold at night - I know that some areas have had very low temperatures. That may be the trouble, unfortunately. Maybe the plants hadn't been hardened off enough. I hope they recover.

22 May, 2008


Thanks for your comments.I think the temperature has been the problem.I guess I was trying to rush things which you cant with nature as i'm sure you know.Ive bought some replacements.The temperature seems to be rising so i'm hoping for the best.

23 May, 2008


I have seen many postings about Busy Lizzies, its not the weather, I belive its a dease called Downy Mildrew. which starts at seed level and plug level.Go to this site and you can download pictures, let me know if anybody got same problem.

28 Jul, 2008

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