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Can i have Black bamboo as an indoor plant?

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It will be in my bedroom, probably not in direct sunlight although could be if needed.

On plant Phyllostachys nigra



It won't like the warmth very much - if your bedroom's unheated and very, very bright with daylight, you MIGHT get away with it, but its essentially an outdoor plant.

1 Sep, 2009


Thanks !!!

1 Sep, 2009


It also grows very large! I hope you have high ceilings! Is it in a big pot?? I agree with Bamboo - plant it outside - it'll be much happier there.

2 Sep, 2009


well i haven't got it yet i really just wanted to know before i get some, im just looking for a few plants to spice up my room and no they are certainly not high ceilings !! shame really but oh well might buy some and put it outside : )

2 Sep, 2009


Why not go and see what's on offer at your local Garden Centre - or a Florist, maybe? There might be an indoor plant that you really love!

I have a Calathea... beautiful markings on its leaves. It's doing fine indoors!

2 Sep, 2009


I will do just that !! thanks very much, i now have managed to acquire a aloe Vera so thats keeping me happy at the moment

Thanks again !! : )

2 Sep, 2009


:-) Good luck!

2 Sep, 2009


Cheers ! : )

5 Sep, 2009

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