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Does anyone know what these bugs are and how I get rid of them?


By Samba

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

There are hundreds and hundreds of these small brown bugs on my bushes outside. They seem to be eating holes in the leaves and they are making a mess of the bushes. I have not had this problem before, the bushes have been there for about 6 years. I tried cutting the bushes back but I can still see hundreds of these bugs all over it. They are about 6-7mm long
and they look as though they have hard shell like backs, like beetles I suppose. I haven't seen any fly, just crawl. How can I tackle this problem? These bushes looked nice at the beginning of the year.




You can see from the pic, in the centre a small brown bug. Unfortunately it's not in focus. I tried taking a few pics but the bug is too small and this is the best I can do. You can see the holes in the leaves at the top right of this pic. The holes are much worse on some of the leaves.

30 Aug, 2009


I have no idea what that brown, out of focus thing might be- can't see it. Does your camera not have a setting that makes the background fuzzy and the foreground clear?

30 Aug, 2009


I'll have a go. Its raining at the moment so I'll get out as soon as I can. I have been looking on the net, ? flea beetle, however, these bugs are supposed to jump when you go near them, and the ones I have seen don't appear to jump. They are there in there hundreds. I'll get another photo as soon as I can.

30 Aug, 2009


Right. I have posted another picture question. The bug is a lot clearer on the new photo. Thanks for your help.

30 Aug, 2009

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