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So I just sprouted my daisy like plants, and i was feeling the soil. It was extremely loose, and then i accidentally pulled a sprout out but it's roots weren't clinging to the soil at all. They were barely visible! Ehat does this mean!



How long ago did you plant them - and did you plant them straight into the soil, or in pots/seedtrays first? Are the others thriving? Sorry for so many questions, it all helps to give you an answer. Do you know what the name of the plant is Meremere?

22 May, 2008


if they are still tiny sprouts they may not have roots yet but they will come! ive done the same thing because im always impatiently poking at my seedlings. Just firm it back in with the leaf bit poking up and leave them alone to do their magic stuff.

22 May, 2008

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