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Stolen cougettes


By Revjoan

United Kingdom Gb

Driving back from a few wet days away, I listened to Gardeners' Question time. I was interested to hear of the mystery of the snapped off courgettes.
Outside the front door of our Vicarage, a sunny spot, we grow tomatoes in pots. We realised that the ripened ones were vanishing before we could harvest them, so my husband put up a notice -
'Thou shalt not steal - and that includes tomatoes !'
It worked and has caused many a smile.
Worth a try ?
Best wishes for fruitful harvests, Rev Joan Foster



Interesting story, and made me think of an elderly French neighbour who although living miles from anywhere has had all his tomatoes stolen overnight. The next day he was on the look out and discovered someone actually digging up his potatoes.
It's incredible people can stoop to such petty theft, especially here where there's such a bountiful supply and everyone seems to grow lots of their own.
I shall suggest a suitable notice like the one your husband put up!
(And we can't even give away our surpluses, everyone we know seems to have plenty of vegetables of their own!)

29 Aug, 2009


It was worth a try so glad it worked, I don't expect you will be bothered again.

29 Aug, 2009


There will always be some who are willing to let others do all the hard work and 'reap' the rewards.
No doubt it will get worse as they have said food prices are going to increase !
Glad to hear your thieves had a guilty conscience Rev :))

29 Aug, 2009


Or just a full stomach ;-)

1 Sep, 2009

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