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Impatiens has died

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

This is the 1st year I had grown Impatiens from tiny plug plants. Right up until last week I had a totally fabulous overflowing display in a pot outside. I came in from work tonight and it is totally gone! All thats left are a few stalks! We have had the most dire weather over past few weeks mainly rain and wind. Would this have anything to do with it, or slugs? I have regularly picked them out of other pots but there only seemed to be a few snails in this one? Thank You, Liz.



I'd suspect slugs and snails rather than the weather... wind can, and does, tear the leaves of plants but you would have seen serious signs of devastation elsewhere in your garden if that had happened.

29 Aug, 2009


Slugs and snails can strip a plant in hours, and don't they just love all bedding including Impatiens!! One or two of the little things are all that are needed to do the job. Don't forget for every one or two you see, there are many many more around.

29 Aug, 2009


I get lots of snails on my balcony but they haven't touched my Impatiens at all.

I would agree nevertheless with MG & S. These pests can have a very devastating effect on plants when they find something they like.

29 Aug, 2009


There is also a virus of impatiens which affected a lot of plants last summer (including some of mine). I tried a different variety in a completely different part of the garden this year and, like you, they were fine until a week ago and then disappeared practically overnight. I suspect the virus is to blame again

29 Aug, 2009


Now that I didn't know Andrew - probably because we don't grown Impatiens

29 Aug, 2009


I have grown them on my balcony for the past 8 years & have never had any problems other than Red Spider Mite.

I grow them in pots, in troughs, hanging baskets & wall pouches. I have them growing now on the balcony in hanging baskets as well as two wall pouches filled with them.

29 Aug, 2009


I think its the slugs because my pansies are almost gone, marigolds are gone and hostas are just shreds. Even my 3 patio roses are just stems! I haven't been able to attend to the garden for nearly 2 weeks beacuse of work! I have time tomorrow so I will spread the blue pellets and try again.

29 Aug, 2009


I lost Impatiens to the rabbits, three times in one summer. I would get them going and flowering, and bingo gone. It seemed that we had more rabbits than usual!

19 Apr, 2015

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