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Stunted Agapanthus


By Cazoo1

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Last year I was given some healthy Agapanthus plants from my daughter..who's own stock have some glorious blooms. I planted the pot within a larger pot as I know they like to be "Hugged" Now whilst I have had one bloom,it has developed right within the base of the leaves with no stem at all. Can anyone explain this and maybe offer some advice.Thanks



This "hugged" is an absolute fallacy - the hardier forms of this plant grow and bloom very well outside in a border, where the roots are not restricted at all. Plant the thing properly in a pot or outside, with enough room for its roots, keep it watered if in a pot and next year it should flower normally.

22 Aug, 2009


Thanks for replying will give it a go.

22 Aug, 2009

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