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I have a number of Ice Plants (Mesembryanthemum) on my seafront patio. This year one of them developed yellow powdery spots on the foliage which made the plant very limp. Now it is spreading to the other varieties. I have cut the worst one down to ground level. How can I treat the remaining ones? I'd really appreciate your help :) could you email please

On plant Mesembryanthemum




Sparkle, i'll answer you here if that's ok ? :)

I think you might have your plant names a bit muddled because Ice Plants aren't actually Mesembryanthemum, they're Sedum.

That said, your picture actually looks like my Delosperma !!!

As for what's made i took like this i'm not sure but if it's limp could it be overwatered ?
The Sedum and Delosperma like a dry growing condition and too much water could make a Delosperma look like this, so i'd think the Sedum would too.

Do you think that over or underwatering could be possible ?

17 Aug, 2009


Hi Louise,

many thanks for your reply, however the plant seems to be limp due to the yellow powdery substance on the foliage. The garden center thinks it maybe a viral or fungal condition,,,yet they say it could have happened due to the warm yet wet conditions this year..yet i have had these plants for years and never experienced this yellow substance on the foliage?...and suggestions...thanks for being so very helpful..i am trying to protect the other varieties i have...

17 Aug, 2009


Hi Sparkle......Your Ice plant (Carpobrotus as you say from the Mesembryanthemum family....sorry Louise!....:o)) sounds as if it is suffering from the warm damp conditions, we have had, and as it is a South African plant and also thrives in the Mediterranean, needs hot, dry conditions to be at its best. You'll need a systemic fungicide to deal with the fungus.

17 Aug, 2009


Ahhhh, thanks Janey :)
Just looked up Carpobrotus .... i didn't know they were called Ice Plants !
The pictures i've just seen show plants just like the Delosperma, i'm going to read up on the families later !

18 Aug, 2009


Well well !!!
Ice Plants !!!
I'm never that good with common names and now i've looked at this genus as a whole - i'm enlightened :))))

18 Aug, 2009


Many thanks Janey and Louise for all your help. What an amazing site this is with such helpful people like yourselves. I will buy some systemic fungicide today :))

Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

18 Aug, 2009

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