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Why have my Magnolia Stellata leaves died?


By Ponty

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

My Magnolia Stellatta was planted in early June this year. It appeared to be thriving but recently all the leaves have died. However, it appears that they are being replaced by new growth, some of which are now 1/2 inch long silvery "buds". What is happening, please? It is in an open position in the lawn and at height of summer was receiving the sun by about 8am. I live in South Norfolk.



Early June? Wasn't that just before or during the heatwave? If it was in an exposed position (and it sounds like it) it would have baked in the sun, though I'd have expected the leaves to have fallen off within a month if it was drought that caused leaf drop. Its a new plant, needs regular supplies of water, at least a gallon a week. Wind too, will dry it out. You might just have to wait for the "buds" to open - they're hopefully new leaves, so at least you know the plant's not dead. A photo would be useful.

16 Aug, 2009


I agree with Bamboo, sounds like it got baked in the heat wave. It bears repeating that most newly planted trees and shrubs need to be VERY well watered for the first few months especially if planted in the middle of summer.

16 Aug, 2009

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