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Worcestershire, United Kingdom

why are some of my rose bushes growing so tall,this is there 2nd year. should i cut the tops off or will this harm them. they were not labelled as climbers.



Hi Bizzie barb you say tall this specimen doesnt look that tall cant be more than 2 feet tall is it? Dont cut now as will lose any potential flower buds how high you expect it to be? You thinking of patio roses that stay small all other roses grow a lot more than this.

17 May, 2008


Thanks for answering, to be honest i have no idea how tall they grow, this is the first time i have grown any. I do know that miniature roses don't grow very tall.

18 May, 2008


It looks very healthy to me! Dead head the blooms as they fade, then in November, cut the top growth back a bit in case of windrock, then prune in early March to healthy buds - and feed. What colour are they ?

18 May, 2008


Thanks for your comments, i can't remember what colour that one is, as i have several planted down that border. I have red,yellow,white and i think peach.My basket of trailing verbena is coming on quite well, the trailers that i put round the top seem to be growing upwards at the moment, will they trail over as time goes on. I will put a picture on here of it later.I also put a fuschia,begonia and pansy in the top.

18 May, 2008


My Verbenas are growing up as well (apart from one I dropped upside down and broke!) Give them time - they do trail eventually.

18 May, 2008


Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

18 May, 2008

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